In 2003, Toni Walker and Shirley Maddox began praying about a ministry to help woman.  The ministry began with a prayer team, consisting of several people praying.  In September 2005, the very first set of classes began.  Since then, CWJC has graduated over 100 women.  These women, after attending classes, are able to contunue their education, get better paying jobs or return to the home to be a more productive wife and mother.  CWJC resently changed it's name to "Women's Hope", which more accurately describes the ministry..."Giving hope, to women, by providing Godly life and job skills".

Our Team

Susan McWilliams

Advisory Council:

Bro. Paul Barnard

Toni Walker

Shirley Maddox

Kim McGovern

Weekly Devotion &

Prayer Meeting

(Tuesdays 9:00am)

10-week Classes in

Spring & Fall

Our Mission

"Giving hope, to women, by providing Godly life and job skills."

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